Christmas 2013

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Happy Christmas everybody and a Happy New Year!

I’m feeling quite pleased, aside from the holidays coming up, because I now have pre release copies of the new album…..and worldwide release is just around the corner (Feb 2014) . A new release always energizes me and everyone involved.

I also have made a start on my next solo album (acoustic jazz/blues instrumental music) which could mean two releases next year. I like that idea. Back in the 60’s I actually put out three albums in one year.

My health has been good and that means that touring is still a lot of fun. It would feel that way, anyway, even if my health was bad. Getting on stage and performing is powerful medicine in itself.But I am grateful to God that I have been blessed with a strong constitution and hope that I can be as strong further down the line when I am sure to be tested.

Somewhat along those last lines….I was thinking recently about the near death experience I had years and years ago. Yes, I saw the light and felt myself moving towards it. Bliss! And then I was saved (I was drowning). I’ve seen many people say the same thing on documentaries. Of course the scientific explanation is the brains neurons acting in a specific way etc. Could be. But, let me tell you, it was quite an experience to have had.

Why am I talking about this? Who knows?! I’m just sitting here trying to communicate other than on stage with a guitar. Sometimes I treat my playing as a life or death experience….now that’s getting way to serious. But I always say you have to play that guitar like your life depends on it.

On a lighter note……I’ve just found out that “Deck the Halls” is essentially an old Welsh tune. It’s quite amazing the Welsh influence on the world. I believe quite a few of my fellow country men fought at the Alamo…..I seem to remember seeing that on one of my visits. I have been there many times and many times to the site of Custers Last Stand. Must be the “cowboys and Indians” child still inside of me.

That’s one of the great things about the touring musicians life….you get to see a lot of the world while working, playing and making a living. Can’t be a bad life, can it?! Have guitar will travel. Well, I’m making it sound very romantic.

See you at a gig sometime,
Kim Simmonds