August 1, 2013

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Just when I was thinking that basically I’m semi retired, my date sheet fills up. There’s more demand for me than I thought.Not that I mind the life I have. It is the perfect blend of busy and not busy (As I write this on my patio, a single mosquito bothers me. Perhaps it is telling me to keep my mouth shut. Oh well, I’ll continue anyway).

The touring life is interesting in so much as going to Japan was a walk in the park whereas last week’s single date in MA was a difficult travel day. I guess even for single dates, in future, I am going to have to leave the night before so as to give respect to my age and not get so blasted tired.

I still am anguishing over my guitar tone. I guess I just have to let it happen. No matter what amp I use, or guitar, I sound the same anyway….perhaps I’d like a new identity…too late for that! Though I did cut my hair way short and you wouldn’t recognize me now…ah, a new identity (the mosquito still bothers me).I did buy a new guitar (a Stratocaster) and that was a good feeling. A new guitar always brings teenage memories back…when I was terribly excited about such things. The new guitar reminded me I still AM terribly excited about such things!

In a little while I will go to my music studio and re-do the guitar on some new song demos. Not work in the true sense of the word perhaps…touring is real work and the closest I will ever get to manual labor…it’s not too different, believe it or not.

I am re-reading the book Frankenstein. I love the old prose. A classic, every now and then, reminds me that the world isn’t so necessarily better…just a little more older.

The mosquito has departed….my cigar surely wasn’t to its liking!

And I will depart too, until next time,
Kim Simmonds

August 1, 2013