One of the earliest of British blues bands, Savoy Brown, with founder guitarist Kim Simmonds at the helm, helped launch the 1967 UK blues boom movement that brought blues music back to the USA invigorating the style forever. In the process, the band became part of the framework that launched the rock and roll music of the 1970’s. Their influence now stretches into modern rock as we know it today.

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3 days ago
Every guitarist is different.
Some are primitive, others technical.
Some have depth others are shallow.
That’s not important.
The most important thing is realizing where your talents lie, who you are.
And being that and not something you’re not.
3 days ago
Of course, then it’s simply music first.
Interestingly, the instrumental on Witchy Feelin’ was first a song (lyrics first, then music) but it wasn’t clicking and, once recorded, I had the idea of dropping the vocal and turning it into a guitar piece.
6 days ago
Interesting quote from Barbara Bush about choosing to like or dislike the life you lead. In her case, choosing to like.
7 days ago
Nice to hear an "off the beaten track" track.
Probably Earl Palmer on drums? Now there's a legend too.
7 days ago
Sorry to hear of the B.B. Kings NYC venue closing.
I was looking forward to playing there again sometime in the future.
Did the show guesting with @FOGHAT last time around. Nice memory to remember the club with.
Oh well, nothing stays the same......